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Look, if you nicely tell me that swearing makes you uncomfortable and you politely ask me not to, I will stop immediately and speak nicer than a nun.

But if you start acting like you’re on some fucking high horse, or telling me that I’m going to Hell for talking the way that I do and you can’t “be around that kind of language” then you can bet your motherfuckin’ ass that I’ll be fucking cussing like a cunt-fuckin’ sailor you maggot-ridden piece of dick.

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  • Clary:


  • Jace:

    Daddy issues and Oh My Gosh am I in love with my sister?

  • Alec:


  • Magnus:

    Fabulousness and magic all up in here

  • Isabelle:

    I feel like slapping all of you

  • Simon:

    Finally got the girl of my- oh wait is that blood

  • Valentine:

    Demon Party on my house boat!!!!! xoxoxo XD YA'LL ARE INVITED